Entry Package

Bringing elite goalkeeping coaching to you


Toni Cronk has specially redesigned these packages to run for 6 weeks, giving you long enough to break those habits and form good techniques. These packages are not designed to be a static resource on the internet they are interactive where you are actually coached by Toni Cronk. No special equipment required all videoing and uploading of footage can be done from a mobile phone. Any training session or games can be videoed as long as your coach doesn’t mind someone videoing a snippet of you during the session. Toni Cronk can Liaise with your coach as required.

At the start of this package Toni will discuss your goals focusing on short term and long term. This helps focus training and allows Toni to provide a holistic coaching approach, these goals are reviewed at the send of the 6 weeks. Toni will then set you up with a username and password, she will send and discuss the instructions of how to upload and download video. Then the fun begins! For more information please contact Toni Cronk she will talk to you about the exact process and how it works.

What you get:

Weekly Video Analysis
Fortnightly Skype or Facetime sessions
1 email per week
Goals set at beginning and reviewed at end